Norm Breyfogle


Once upon a Dark Knight, love for the self-actualized ideal wove our professional paths together. Before I owned a computer, we fax-debated everything under - and infinitely beyond - the sun, and loved it; our differences were mostly semantic preferences. Hurting each other was no motivation, we lusted only after truth and enjoyed the chase.

On a battleground I’d prefer his will and tenacity at my back. In Utopia his fusion of logic and love is the membership prerequisite! As a friend he’s loyalty, humor, compassion, and good times personified; I envy those who grew up with him or live in his proximity. As a writer and storytelling partner he’s my greatest old flame and has my highest respect; he’s suffered for his forthrightness as all who express their principles do, but nothing diminishes his spirit.

Someday, maybe humankind will be perfected. If so, that gleam in Alan’s eye must be the primordial spark of the coming superman.


The power elite - outwardly adored as enlightened, altruistic philanthropists, the very cream of the humanitarian crop - are inwardly inhuman, economy-programmed robots who, for personal gain, serial and mass murder millions  annually! Brains throbbing out narcissistic insanities, their frigid hearts are greedy toxin pumps. Invisibly, their  innocent victims’ entrails drape over their shoulders, apparent only to those few with their third eye’s vision intact. Reveling in their luxurious madhouses,  ignorant of their own spiritual captivity and damnation, these parasites  have prevented the natural utopia of free and honest men governed by true morality from being instituted on this planet, and their crime has been covered up so thoroughly that the vast majority of those they’ve enslaved deny their own servant status and can’t even imagine a better world!

The tentacles of their corrupting influence, almost totally unopposed by the industrial revolution’s neurotic product (the culturally shocked primate brain) reach everywhere, attaining heights of control never seen before the augmenting effect of the latest modern technologies. As power merges again and again into fewer and fewer monolithic, international, non-democratic conglomerates, free media are bought up and transformed into agencies of propagandistic mass mind control. All semantic meaning is thereby secretly confused or reversed as the world’s languages are drawn into the perverted service of the filthy egomaniacal criminals in charge.

Soon the black iron prison of fascism (now invisible to all but the quackiest fringe), having learned it’s lessons of super-secrecy during the world wars, will have irretrievably jailed us all. Pollsters, politicians, military officers, company reps - even reporters, priests, teachers, parents, children, lovers and friends - all now baldfacedly assert outright lies as truth, though almost all do so as ignorant dupes.

For the few who rebel, the Nazis don’t come anymore in the middle of the night with barking dogs and jack boots ... now they simply disenfranchise, frame, or assassinate in ways that look - to louts - indistinguishable from bad luck.

The Persian Gulf wars: grabs for oil by an elite few willing to sacrifice the brainwashed and relatively innocent young on the same altar of greed that refuses to accept the short-term losses required in developing newer and environmentally cleaner power sources. Rather than take any cut in next month’s profits, the bastards would rather poison us all!

The war on drugs: a duplicitous way to keep prices - and profits - ridiculously high on a commodity that (if used by a sane people in a sane culture) satisfies a primal biological need for altering consciousness (a need now stimulated into pathology by an enslaving and dehumanizing worship of the bottom line by our economic masters).

Class warfare and Poverty. Greed. Racism. Sexism. Ageism. Capitalistic hospitals. Political wrangling between the fake “left” and “right.” TV evangelists. Legal corporate theft of investor’s life savings. The squelching of new technologies, to be developed in secret for the elite alone. Destruction of the rain forests. Increasing  invasion on our private rights in the name of safety. Terrorism funded secretly by the very filth that now claim to require our tax dollars to fight it, all based on the age-old crowd and population control technique of “divide and conquer.” Secret class ceilings and bigotries, blacklists. Rampaging youth, fed increasingly intense violent entertainment.  Slow death of the Labor Unions. The UFO coverup. Abductions and mind control. Secret human experimentation. Corrupt courts. Jails used as a cheap source of slave labor. Etcetera.

What can one man do to turn back this black tide?

I’ve exhausted the promise of books in my quest to uncover the truth. And the ‘net? It’s enlightened me, tempted me, tormented me, pulled me apart, but it  can teach nothing more of what I seek ...

I won’t imbibe tonight; no parties. I won’t turn on the TV; no more lies. I’ll not read or write; my mind is overloaded, stymied, tired, fried. I’ll not draw or play music. I’ll not eat or drink. I won’t indulge in magical ritual.  I won’t  call Cindy. I won’t masturbate.

I won’t leave this spot.
I won’t use the john!
I’ll do nothing until I determine my future course. Nothing.
I won’t even think.



“What’s up, what’s down?”
I drooled and frowned;
in the deep end of psyche I sank and drowned.
Insane, confused,
reason died.
Fried, used,
totally whack!
Doomed, despairing, finally free;
no laws, no “is.”
Don’t analyze me!
Analyze this : At the Omega Point God said,”Let’s party!”

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